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Patent Information Users Group, Inc.  The International Society for Patent Information Professionals

PIUG presented a FREE webinar on February 7, 2024 11 AM EST for all paid PIUG members.

Panelists, Sharon Shofner-Meyer, J.D., Ron Kaminecki, and Martha Yates, brought their expertise to unravel the complexities of integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI). The webinar is structured to provide a comprehensive understanding of AI, its role in information science, and practical strategies for seamless integration.

Opening and Introduction (5 mins)

          ●        Welcome participants.

          ●        Brief overview of the webinar agenda

Understanding AI and Its Role in Information Science (10 min)

          ●        Primer on AI

                     o   Definition and types of AI

          ●        Why AI in Patent Searching and Information Science?

                     o   Efficiency and accuracy improvements

                     o   Handling vast datasets

                     o   How AI solves problems for knowledge workers

Strategies for integrating AI into your workflows (20 min)

          ●        Key considerations

          ●        Identifying objectives

          ●        Data selection and query development

          ●        Integration with Current Processes

                     o   Seamless integration into existing workflows

                     o   Collaboration with existing tools and platforms

                     o   Addressing potential challenges and concerns

Search Examples Case Studies (10 min)

          ●        Real-world Examples

                     o   Demonstrating successful AI-powered patent searches

                     o   Developing insights from diverse data sets

                     o   Saving time by eliminating “busy work”

                     o   Visualizations that tell the story

                     o   No text generation necessary

                     o   Highlighting specific challenges and how they were overcome

          ●        Lessons Learned

                     o   Extracting insights from case studies

                     o   Practical tips for implementation

Selecting a Vendor (5 min)

          ●        Factors to Consider

          ●        Data Coverage

          ●        Search technology

          ●        Price

Q&A Session (10 min)


·         Given the cost of the webinar and the potential savings to your patent searching practice, how can you not attend this remarkable event?

Register HERE for to access the webinar that was presented on February 7th, 2024.

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