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Patent Information Users Group, Inc.  The International Society for Patent Information Professionals

PIUG 2016 Northeast Conference Presentations – September 2016

PIUG Northeast Conference presentation files are provided to PIUG members with permission of the presenters. Further distribution is limited to current PIUG members. PIUG is an organization of individuals and not companies, so sharing presentation files with colleagues who are not PIUG members is against PIUG policy. We welcome new members and renewals per the PIUG Membership Benefits page.

Abstracts, author biographies, and the full program are available on the Final Program page.

Download the full PIUG 2016 Northeast Conference Book just as printed and distributed at the conference.

Keynote Presentation: The Changing Face of Patent Law and Our Profession, Henry Hadad, Deputy General Counsel, BMS (No presentations slides were shown.)

Global Dossier and International Cooperation, Nelson Yang, USPTO

America Invents Act, AIA – What a Patent Searcher Should Know, Kartar Singh Arora, CPA Global

US Patent Eligibility 101, an Update, Matthew Mulkeen, Novartis

Is Patent Quality Attainable?, Robert Grantham, Reveal-IP LLC

Technical Emergence: A New Family of Indicators, Alan Porter, Nils C. Newman, J. Garner, and S. Carley, Search Technology, Inc.

Machine Learning in Patent Analytics: Binary Classification for Prioritizing Search Results, Anthony Trippe, Patinformatics, LLC

Strategic Analytics with the Patent Asset Index™, Christopher Baldwin, PatentSight GmbH

The Value Proposition of Analytic Tools: Leveraging Your Patent Portfolio to Enhance Your Company's Value, Dawn Owens, Thomson Reuters

Finding Patent Expiry and Exclusivity Data for Drugs, Sophie Bail, BMS

Competitive Intelligence Techniques for the Patent Professional, Henry (Hal) Murray, ExxonMobil Research and Engineering Company

Value and Visibility: Beyond the Patentability Search, Barbara Hampton, Food for Thought Information Services

Values & Visibility: Links handout, Barbara Hampton

What They Think of Us, Why They Need Us, and How to Keep Them Coming Back for More, Kerryn Brandt, Ph.D., Leonard E. Bogan, Ph.D, and Susan E. Jones, Dow Chemical Company

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