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PIUG 2021 Combined Annual and Biotech Virtual Conference Presentations – May 2021

PIUG Conference Plenary presentation (pdf) files are provided to PIUG members with permission of the presenters. Further distribution is limited to current PIUG members. PIUG is an organization of individuals and not companies, so sharing presentation files with colleagues who are not PIUG members is against PIUG policy. We welcome new members and renewals per the PIUG Membership Benefits page.

Recordings of PIUG Conference Plenary presentations are available via the Meeting App only to paid registrants irrespective of PIUG membership. Registration to the virtual PIUG 2021 Annual Conference remains open after the conference for access to the conference recordings.

Abstracts, author biographies, and the full program are available on the Final Program page.

Access the PIUG 2021 Annual-Biotech Conference Book.

Plenary Presentations

Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Resistance Isn’t Futile: a Searcher's Experience of EPO Oppositions, Robert Austin, Unilever PLC

"Not Invented Here". Some Challenges in Identifying the Origin of Innovation from Patent Priority Data, Stephen Adams, Magister Ltd.

Evolving Patent Strategies in the Age of Software & Digital Revolution, Debra L Banville, DLBanville LLC

Unlocking the Potential of IP: Charting a New Direction for IP Intelligence, Rupert Mayer and Paul Torpey, Clarivate

COVID-19 Vaccines in Context: a Look at the mRNA Technology IP Landscape, Matt Eberle, BizInt

Minimizing Patent Search Infodemics, Yateen Pargaonkar, Abbott Laboratories, and Edlyn Simmons, Simmons Patent Information Service, LLC

Best Practices for Reporting on Patent Information from a Patent Attorney Perspective, Susanne Hantos Davies, Collison Cave Pty Ltd

Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Finding the Right Balance – a Managers Perspective, Fiona Graves, Pfizer

Growing Transparency of Examination in the PCT National Phases, Lutz Mailänder, World Intellectual Property Organization

Improving Patent Analytics Using Machine Learning Technologies and Introducing, Tony Trippe, Patinformatics, LLC /

Patent Status Fields in CAplus and INPADOCDB/INPAFAMDB on STN, Jim Brown, FIZ Karlsruhe, and Paul Peters, CAS

IFI CLAIMS Direct– The Platform for Data Integration and Product Innovation, Mike Baycroft, IFI CLAIMS Patent Services

Finding Needles in the Haystack: Identifying Valuable Assets Using Citation Analyses, Kevin J. Hess, HTS LLC

Reviewing the Patent-Extracted Chemistry “Big Bang” in PubChem, Chris Southan, TW2Informatics

Searching for Unconventional Prior Art Necessitates Unconventional Techniques, Ron Kaminecki, Kaminecki IP LLC

Thursday, May 27, 2021, BIOTECH DAY

Fighting Coronavirus with Patent Information, Geert Boedt, European Patent Office

Early Disclosures of Biosequences Related to SARS-Cov-2 Biology and Covid-19 Medical Management in Patent Literature, Luca Falciola, Scibilis Consulting Services SRL

Chimeric Antigen Receptor Immunotherapy – Beyond T-cell, Dominique Manu, European Patent Office, Björn Jürgens, Innovation and Development Agency of Andalusia, and Nigel Clarke, Independent Consultant

Preparing Reports for Off-Patent Legal Analysis: an Example with CDRs, Steve Allen, Aptean GenomeQuest

Identifying the Key Patents in Cancer Immunotherapy with Unique Patent Search Strategy, Dr. Sarbani Chattopadhyay, Consultant, LexisNexis PatentSight

Using KNIME for Mining and Combining Scientific and Patent Data for Insights: RNA Examples, Anne Marie Clark, CAS IP Services, and Matthew McBride, CAS

USPTO’s Efforts Related to ST.26, Stefanos Karmis and Kathleen Kalafus, United States Patent and Trademark Office

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