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Patent Information Users Group, Inc.

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Patent Information Users Group, Inc.  The International Society for Patent Information Professionals

Conference Materials (PIUG Members Only) 

In-Person Meeting

Monday, May 2

8:00 am Welcoming Remarks
Shelley Pavlek (PIUG Chair) 
8:15 am WORKSHOP - Wake up with BizInt!  Creating, Updating, and Distributing IP Reports from Patent, IP Sequence, and Chemical Structure Data
John Willmore (BizInt Solutions, Inc.)
9:15 am

WORKSHOP - The Art of Patent Search and Analytics: New Colors in the Palette of Patent Intelligence Christopher Baldwin, Laura Bantle, Andrew Klein (Clarivate)

10:30 am Keynote Address: Patent Trial and Appeal Board - State of the Board
Michael Tierney (Vice Chief Administrative Patent Judge)
11:30 am Goldilocks and the Three Case Studies
Dominic DeMarco (DeMarco IP)
12:00 pm IP Data and Insights Unleashed
Caroline Peel, Paul Torpey (Clarivate)
12:20 pm New: IFI IP Profiles
Janice Stevenson (IFI CLAIMS Patent Services)
1:40 pm Beyond Patents: What else is in patent databases and what does the future hold?
Martha Yates (Bayer Crop Science-US)
2:10 pm Patent Sequence Searching – Searching for Old Targets in New Technology Areas
Steve Allen (Aptean GenomeQuest)
3:20 pm The Practitioners Guide to IP Intelligence
Vasheharan Kanesarajah (IP Group, Clarivate)
3:50 pm How to Empower the Patent Teams in the Modern Enterprise
Carl Rosen (PatSnap)
4:10 pm Integrated Predictive Approach to Accelerating Patent Examinations: A Case Study
Jennifer Sexton (CAS Custom Services)
4:40 pm WIPO Inspire
Mussadiq Hussain (World Intellectual Property Organization)

Tuesday, May 3

8:15 am WORKSHOP - Going Green: Mapping Patents to Sustainability Goals
Nicholas Valentino (LexisNexis)
9:15 am WORKSHOP - What's Coming for GenomeQuest in 2022
Steve Allen (GenomeQuest & LIfeQuest)
11:00 am World Patent Information Journal. In the Forties
Jane List (World Patent Information)
11:30 am Patent Analysis: The Once and Future Discipline, Revisited
Tony Trippe (Patinformatics, LLC)
1:15 pm Search and Analysis with STNext Prior Art Search Engine
Mike Axton (CAS)
1:45 pm Eculizumab and the Administrative Nullity Processes of patent in Brazil: a case study
Larissa Dutra  & Wanise Barroso (Oswaldo Cruz Foundation)
2:15 pm Have We Seen This Patent Family Before?
Matt Eberle (BizInt Solutions, Inc.)
3:30 pm Use of Temporal Context in Identifying Fundamental Patents (Withdrawn & Presented  on May 12, 2022)
Kevin Hess (HTS LLC)  

Wednesday May 4, 2022

8:00 am WORKSHOP - Patent Search Redesigned – Bridging the Gap between Boolean and Black Box AI
Andreas Cehlinder (IPRally)

Virtual Meeting


Wednesday May 11, 2022

9:00 am An Introduction into SEP's, Standards and Standards Contribution Data Search and Analysis
Tim Pohlmann (IPlytics GmbH)
9:30 am Using AI to determine Standard Essential Patent (SEP) Pool Essentiality
Shawn Ambwani (Unified Patents)
10:00 am Valuation of the Injunction in Unwired Planet vs Huawei (No slides were presented. Talk only)
Roya Ghafele (OxFirst Ltd.)
11:45 am IFI CLAIMS Ultimate Owner: A View of Patent Possession
Claire Hammond (IFI CLAIMS Patent Services)
12:45 pm Patent Information Specialists - How They Can Help at Different Level in Our Organizations and How to Promote the Pivotal Role of These Specialists?
Cécile Boyer-Joubert (Biogaran), Grégoire Vemiquet (Saint-Gobain Group)
1:15 pm Patent Information Professional Challenges in the "New Normal" IP Activities Environment.  Do We Turn into Chameleon or Swiss Knife?
Muriel Bourgeois (MT_IP Consulting)
2:15 pm New Patent Search Tools and the Evolving Role of the Patent Information Professional
Frederic Baudour (Allnex. President French Information User Group)
2:45 pm WORKSHOP - Critical Patent Metrics in a Snap(shot)
Janice Stevenson (IFI CLAIMS Patent Services)
3:45 pm WORKSHOP - Empowering Patent Searchers with the Latest Innovations from Minesoft
Kevin Spahr (Minesoft)

Thursday May 12, 2022

8:10 am WORKSHOP - AI Patent Classification for Breakfast - How to Benefit from AI Based Classification in Your Daily Work
Kornél Markó (Averbis)
9:10 am IP Landscape Activities for Business Strategies Towards Sustainability Goal of Asahi Kasei Corporation
Sakae Nakamura, Yasushi Miyagi (Asahi Kasei Corporation)
9:40 am Mixed Patent/Design Databases and Families: Are We Going Towards a Comprehensive IP Information System? 
Guido Moradei (Quaestio-Patent Information Partners srl)
10:10 am Hidden Legal Status: What the National File Inspection Doesn't Always Tell You
Stephen Adams (Magister Ltd)
10:55 am The Role of IP Offices in Patent Information – A Personal View
Nigel Clarke (Stanfield Clarke Associates)
11:25 am IP Data and Insights Unleashed
Caroline Peel, Paul Torpey (Clarivate)
11:45 am Have We Seen This Patent Family Before?
Matt Eberle (BizInt Solutions, Inc.)
12:00 pm PATENTSCOPE: Latest Developments and Overview of the Top Features
Sandrine Ammann (WIPO)
1:00 pm An Overview of Searching for Prior Art
Ron Kaminecki (Kaminecki IP LLC)
1:30 pm What’s All the Fuss About - A Discussion of Web 3.0 and the Metaverse
Tony Trippe (Patinformatics, LLC)
2:00 pm
Use of Temporal Context in Identifying Fundamental Patents
Kevin Hess (HTS LLC)

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