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PIUG 2010 Northeast Conference

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Monday, October 11 to Friday, October 15, 2011

Hyatt Regency New Brunswick
2 Albany Street
New Brunswick, New Jersey, USA 08901
Tel: +1 (732) 873-1234, Fax: +1 (732) 873-1382


Monday, October 11 – All Day

  • STN Patent Forum (9:00am - 4:00pm) – more information below.

Wednesday, October 13 – Morning

  • Dialog: " Enhanced Patent Searching and Competitive Intelligence Insights using IMS Health databases on Dialog and Innography Visual Analysis" (Mary Kay McDonald, Information Consultant, Dialog LLC; 10:00am - 11:00am) – more information below.
  • Questel: "ORBIT.COM 1.3 – Questel’s enhanced IP Portal! Semantics at the service of concept analysis and clustering" (Miguel Iglesias; 9:00am - Noon) – more information below.
  • Thomson Reuters: "What’s new? A review of recent developments in DWPI, PCI and Thomson Innovation including how to search ECLA classes effectively" (Donald Walter, Ph.D. and Bob Stembridge, Thomson Reuters; 11:00am - 12:30pm plus lunch) – more information below.

Wednesday, October 13 – Afternoon

  • Questel: "Merged Markush Service (MMS) Basic Training Workshop" (Joe Terlizzi; 1:00pm - 4:00pm) – more information below.

Thursday-Friday, October 14-15 – All Day

  • PIUG "Patent Information Fundamentals" Course – detailed information below.

Registration links for each workshop are provided in the "Detailed Descriptions and Registration Information" section below.

Organizations who still want to host workshops should complete the Word documents for the 2010 Workshop/Exhibitor Agreement. Each provides critical information and a form to be returned to Zhifu Shu.

Contact Zhifu Shu (zhifu.shu @ of PIUG if there are questions concerning workshops and exhibits at the PIUG 2010 Northeast Conference.

Workshops – Detailed Descriptions and Registration Information

STN Patent Forum

Monday 11 – 9:00am - 4:00pm; checkin at 8:45am

Presenters: Lora Burgess, Chemical Abstracts Service, and Jim Brown, FIZ Karlsruhe

Registration and detailed agenda: (free)

Abstract: The 2010 STN Patent Forum will include sessions on "What's New on STN," "The Secret Life of CAS REGISTRY," "Legal Status and Patent Portfolios," Approaches for Analysis of Patent Data on STN," and "The Many Faces of INPAFAMDB on STN."

Dialog: "Enhanced Patent Searching and Competitive Intelligence Insights using IMS Health databases on Dialog and Innography Visual Analysis"

Wednesday, 13 – 10:00am - 11:00am

Presenter: Mary Kay McDonald, Information Consultant, Dialog LLC

Registration: (free)

Abstract: This workshop will focus on using IMS Health databases on Dialog to enhance your patent searching while gaining insight into competitor strategy. You’ll also learn how Innography’s powerful patent analysis and visualization tools can be used to create a patent landscape visual representation of your Dialog search results.

Topics will include:

  • IMS Patent Focus content overview including information on patent expiries and country comments
  • Search tips for locating drug patents in IMS Patent Focus
  • Using detailed company profiles from IMS to find strategy assessments and uncover competitor strengths, challenges and portfolios
  • Innography visualizations to showcase patterns of patenting activity and determine key players

Thomson Reuters: "What’s new? A review of recent developments in DWPI, PCI and Thomson Innovation including how to search ECLA classes effectively"

Wednesday, 13 – 11:00am - 12:30pm plus lunch

Presenters: Donald Walter, Ph.D., Product Specialist, and Bob Stembridge, Customer Relations Manager, Thomson Reuters

Registration: pending (free)


Ten years into the new millennium, the world of patents information looks very different today with the development of sophisticated retrieval, display, analysis and collaboration tools to help make sense of the huge wealth of information available in patent documents. And yet, old favorites thrive also alongside new platforms. This workshop will review the latest developments within Thomson Reuters IP Solutions patent information services, both old and new, and take a look at effective searching of the ECLA classification system:

  • Recent enhancements in coverage and treatment of patent information within Derwent World Patent Information (DWPI) including:
    • Addition of French granted patents (FR-B documents)
    • Extension of coverage of Chinese utility models
    • Expansion of Swiss coverage to include patent applications
    • Enhancement of treatment of patents from Brazil and Spain
  • Relaunch of the improved Patent Citation Index (PCI) database
    • New exclusive content: Russia, Korea, Japan
    • Additional 1.5 million new citations in backfile
    • Examiner, inventor, 3rd party & opposition patent and literature citations
  • Enhancements and improvements within Thomson Innovation
    • Ability to create, save, and share patent search and patent export templates
    • Improved migration tools
  • A brief, practical introduction to ECLA searching

Our expert instructors will guide you through how to get the best from these recently introduced enhancements so you can maximize the value you get from using patent information services from Thomson Reuters IP Solutions. Lunch will also be provided following the workshop.

Questel: "ORBIT.COM 1.3 – Questel’s enhanced IP Portal! Semantics at the service of concept analysis and clustering"

Wednesday, October 13 – 9:00am - Noon

Room: tbd

Presenter: Miguel Iglesias, North American Sales Manager, Questel

Registration: (free)


A new version of Orbit.Com will be released this fall and presented at this workshop. We are proud to now offer concept analysis in Orbit.Com. This allows users to take semantics to a whole new level. Concepts in patents can be ranked, landscaped, and white space can be identified. Sorting search results by “relevance” will now take into account the types of fields, frequency, and proximity of keywords and be much more powerful. Other new enhancements to be reviewed include:

  • A new search interface with additional fields for searching and the ability to expand to many more fields
  • New toolbar, with new organization and categories for displays and analysis
  • Automatic and permanent saving, storage, and organization of past search sessions and analysis statistics
  • New IP Litigation module
  • And much more

We hope you can join us at this workshop.

Questel: "Merged Markush Service (MMS) Basic Training Workshop"

Wednesday, October 13 – 1:00pm - 4:00pm

Room: tbd

Presenter: Joe Terlizzi, Questel

Registration: (free)


This seminar covers the Merged Markush Service (MMS), a chemical structure searching database for Markush structures in patents, exclusively available on Questel. It is intended for beginners or as a refresher for the experienced searcher. It covers the following:

  • Coverage and indexing rules used for the Merged Markush Service
  • Structure building using text query and Markush TopFrag and uploading structures into MMS
  • Online input and modification of queries
  • Other features of MMS, including Sample Search, Housekeeping command, and Batch Processing
  • Transferring of MMS results to the Questel bibliographic databases

PIUG "Patent Information Fundamentals" Course

Thursday-Friday, October 14-15 – all day

Room: Brunswick

Both days: Breakfast at 7:30 am. Class starts at 8:00 am. Lunch will be provided.


  • Edlyn Simmons, Simmons Patent Information Service, LLC

  • Richard Elder, Esq., Schering-Plough Corp.
  • Ric Henschel, Esq., Foley & Lardner LLC
  • Sara Davis, GlaxoSmithKline
  • Judy Johnson Philipsen, Philipsen Chemical Patent Search, LLC
  • Anthony Arleth, Pennside Partners Limited
  • Dominic Demarco, DeMarco IP
  • Anthony Trippe, 3LP Advisors

Registration (for fee): Note that registration is completely independent of PIUG Northeast Conference attendance. In other words, everyone is invited to attend the "Patent Information Fundamentals" course whether or not they are PIUG members or registrants for the PIUG Northeast Conference.

Patent Information Fundamentals was formerly offered by PERI, the Pharmaceutical Education and Research Institute. The course has been transferred to PIUG and will be held in New Brunswick, NJ, October 14-15, 2010, immediately after the PIUG Northeast Conference. This course is an expanded version of the well known PERI Patent Information Course, which has been offered since 1989. It provides an overview of the patenting process, sources of patent information and the various means of answering patent information requests pertaining to chemical, electrical and mechanical technologies. The basics of U.S. and foreign patent laws, patent search techniques and resources, and the importance of exclusivity and patent term extension will be discussed.

Who Should Attend

This course is ideal for information and library staff, especially those new to patent searching, who need a comprehensive overview of the patenting process and sources of patent information. Individuals working in R & D who need a better understanding of patents and the patenting are also encouraged to attend.

Educational Objectives

Upon completion of this course, participants should be able to:

  • Explain how an invention is patented worldwide
  • Compare and contrast patent laws in different countries
  • Differentiate between what is disclosed and what is claimed in a patent
  • Identify some of the various sources of patent information available
  • Analyze the requirements for patent searches and utilize the principles for constructing a comprehensive search strategy for performing different types of patent searches

Key Topics

  • What is a Patent?
  • United States and foreign patent law
  • Patent Term Variations and How to Find Them
  • Why search patents?
  • How to read patents
  • Patent information resources
  • Patent searching techniques
  • How to find the patent status of a product
  • Reporting search results
  • Technical intelligence and patent mapping
  • Chemical structure and biotechnology patent searching
  • Mechanical and electrical patent searching 

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