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Patent Information Bibliography - Books

Books: 2020

"Information Sources in Patents", 4th completely revised edition (2020)
Stephen Adams
ISBN 978-3-11-023511-1

This completely revised edition takes account of the changing information scene e.g. in new chapters like Asia Systems, the big five countries in Africa and South America. This is an essential reference tool for academic librarians and information specialists as well as anyone needing to know where and how patent information can be found.

Contributed by Tom Wolff

Books: 2017

"Current Challenges in Patent Information Retrieval", 2nd edition
Mihai Lupu, Katja Mayer, John Tait, and Anthony Trippe (Editors)
The Information Retrieval Series, 37 (April 1, 2017)
ISBN-10: 3662538164
ISBN-13: 978-3662538166

Books: 2011

"Current Challenges in Patent Information Retrieval"
Mihai Lupu, Katja Mayer, John Tait, and Anthony Trippe (Editors)
The Information Retrieval Series, 29 (2011)
ISBN: 78-3-642-19230-2

Contributed by Dominic DeMarco

Books: 2001

Protecting Your Company's Intellectual Property: A Practical Guide to Trademarks, Copyrights, Patents, & Trade Secrets, 2001.
Deborah E. Bouchoux
American Management Association
April 2001
ISBN: 0-8144-0601-7

A concise, yet comprehensive hands-on guidebook that provides practical information you can use to recognize your company's intellectual property in all its forms, protect it from unauthorized usage and preserve its inestimable value for your firm. Included are ready-to-use forms, such as trademark license agreement, application forms for trademarks/copyrights/patents, sample noncompete clauses, & intellectual asset audit forms.

Contributed by E. Cheeseman & Cynthia Yang, June 2002

Patent Strategy for Researchers and Research Managers, 2nd Edition
H. Jackson Knight
John Wiley & Sons, New York
July 2001
ISBN: 0-4714-9261-2
A basic guide in intellectual property concepts to help technical professionals in drafting patent applications and in understanding and managing patent portfolios.

Contributed by Elaine Cheeseman & Cynthia Yang, June 2002

Manual of Online Strategies, 3rd Edition
C. J. Armstrong & J.A. Large, Editors
Gower, Aldershot, U.K.
Consists of 3 volumes. A chapter in Volume 2, pp.23-140, on "Patents" written by Edlyn Simmons contains very useful information about patents. Other chapters contain online search resources and strategies in a number of areas (eg, chemistry, business, etc.)

Contributed by Edlyn Simmons

Books: 1999

Patents for Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, and Biotechnology- Fundamentals of Global Law, Practice, and Strategy
Grubb, P.W.
Oxford University Press
April 1999
ISBN: 0-1987-6520-7

Provides the basics of patenting in the relevant technologies, industry practices, legal and procedural complexities of the British, European, Japanese and US patent systems. Role of the patent practitioner in maximizing the commercial potential of inventions is explained in detail.

Contributed by Elaine Cheeseman, & Cynthia Yang, June 2002

Rembrandts in the Attic: Unlocking the Hidden Value of Patents
Kevin G. Rivette, David Kline
Harvard Business School Publishing
December 1999
A strategic guide for CEOs, R&D managers, and business development executives to use the growing power of patents in business competition to boost their bottom-line revenues, sustain their product/service advantage and uncover attractive merger & acquisition opportunities.

Contributed by Elaine Cheeseman & Cynthia Yang, June 2002

British Patents of Invention, 1617-1977: A Guide for Researchers
Steve van Dulken
British Library, London, U.K.
ISBN 0-7123-0817-2

This is the first practical guide for those researching the patent system or looking for patents by name, subject or number. This unique guide explains how researchers can use patents as a source of historical information. Covering the British patent system from 1617-1977 Patents Act, the guide is an invaluable resource for those researching the history of science and technology or looking for information on the people behind inventions.
Contributed by Steve van Dulken, British Library

Books: 1997

Patent Strategies for Business, 3rd Edition
Stephen C. Glazier
LBI Law & Business Institute, Waldorf, Maryland
November, 1997
ISBN 0966143795

The book reorganizes patent law from the client-oriented view that "patents are business tools". Cutting edge legal developments are
presented, including patenting software in the US (and as a result, patenting financial services and telecom services), inventing around
prior art, and inventing on demand. More information can be viewed at: The book may be ordered from or from the publisher: LBI Law & Business Institute
P.O. Box 753
Waldorf, Maryland 20604
fax: USA 301-843-0159
phone: USA 301-645-0188

Contributed by Stephen C. Glazier

1997 Federal Circuit Yearbook
Alex Chartove
Practising Law Institute, New York

The Practising Law Institute is a nonprofit organization that organizes seminars and conferences throughout the year, and publishes a variety of books on legal issues. The PLI can be reached at: PLI, 810 Seventh Avenue, New York, NY, 10019, 212-824-7500, 800-321-0093 (orders). The PLI is mostly for lawyers, and their publications are a tad pricey. They recently published a book, Federal Circuit Yearbook 1997, which reviews every patent decision published by the Federal Circuit in 1996. The book is written by Alex Chartove, a partner in the Washington firm of Loeb & Loeb, and is available from the PLI for $89.25. Each review averages three pages, and are well written, to the extent that non-lawyers, students and inventors can read and understand the materials. The book is 400 pages long, and makes a good counterpart to the decisions published in USPQ, where the meaning can sometimes be lost in the jargon and citations. The reviews in this book are nice summaries. There are fifteen chapters, each reviewing 3 to 7 cases, organized as follows, with an example of a case title with brief summary: Like other PLI books, I can definitely recommend this book to law firms and corporations as part of their legal libraries, and comment that I wish PLI weren't so expensive so that laymen and independent inventors can purchase them and benefit. A classic example is Landis' book on claim drafting, which is way too expensive given its content.
Contributed by Greg Aharonian, Internet Patent News Service

"The Value of International Patent Rights"
Putnam, J.
NBER Spring meetings on R&D, Patents and Productivity.

This paper estimates the value of patent rights held among a large sample of countries by examining the application decisions of inventors. The same methods can be applied to value the portfolios of individual firms.
Contributed by Jon Putnam

Books: 1996

Guide to Patent Expiries, 2nd. edition
London : Derwent Information

Contributed by Stephen Adams

In addition to "Global Patent Sources", Derwent also produces the companion "Guide to Patent Expiries" (A365/$100). This provides a single source of all the information needed to calculate expiry dates for patents issued by 112 authorities. The second edition (published March 1996) includes all of the various changes in patent law implemented since the Guide was first published in 1995. A Web version of the 1996 edition is maintained on the Derwent Web site and is regularly updated. Each copy of the Guide comes with a password for accessing the Web version so that you can easily monitor changes for the various patenting authorities covered.

Contributed by Breda Corish

Kirk-Othmer Encyclopedia of Chemical Technology, Fourth Edition v.18
Patents, Literature p.102-156
Edlyn Simmons and Stu Kaback
John Wiley & Sons, NY

The first thing that comes to my mind is the Kirk-Othmer chapter written by Edlyn Simmons and Stu Kaback. I used this chapter when I first started searching and found it to be a good source of basic patent searching. It was updated in 1996. It also has 39 references and several general references.
Contributed by Ruben Diaz, Genentech

Compliments to Edlyn S. Simmons and Stuart M. Kaback for an excellent and informative section in Patents, Literature (pg 102-155) in K & O Encyclopedia of Chemical Technology (April 1996) Highly recommended reading
Contributed by Todd F. Mayson, InfoTree Inc.

Online Searching: A Scientist's Perspective A Guide For The Chemical And Life Sciences
Damon D. Ridley (University of Sydney, Australia)
John Wiley & Sons
ISBN 0 471 96520 0 (cloth)
ISBN 0471 96521 9 (paperback)
(344 pgs)

A very good book, highly recommend. See TOC for description of structure searching in Part 2
Contributed by Todd F. Mayson
InfoTree Inc.

I believe the book Andy Berks is thinking of is "Online Searching: a Scientist's Perspective. A Guide for the Chemical and Life Sciences," Damon D. Ridley, 1966, J. Wiley & Sons. The ACS connection is that Ken Ostrum has been plugging the book at STN User's meetings and even giving some copies away as door prizes (I've also heard that Ridley is now and STN rep. in Austalia). I reviewed the book in JCICS (vol. 37, number 3, p. 628, 1997).
Contributed by Bob Buntrock
Buntrock Associates, Inc.

I like Damon D. Ridley's book... A table of contents is available from, see It's only about searching on STN, and is even now a little bit dated, but still pretty good. Of course, lots & lots of training materials are available from the various vendors, usually free.
Josh Duberman

Books: 1995

Global Patent Sources, Patents Manual 1
Derwent Information Ltd.

Contributed by Madeline Douglass

...Derwent has a book on the subject a good source of recent changes in national patent law or intellectual property law more generally, across the world, "Global Patent Sources," that summarizes the patent law for the 40 issuing authorities that they cover. There are also large sections on international patent law considerations, i.e., the priority rules, classification schemes, international filing authorities, etc., and a good overview of the Derwent indexing system. I think this a good reference work for people working in patent info to own. I think the book costs $50.
Contributed by Andrew H. Berks, Ph.D.

Patent Fundamentals for Scientists and Engineers
Thomas T. Gordon
Arthur S. Cookfair
CRC Press
ISBN 0-87371-317-6

Contributed by Madeline Douglass

Books: 1993

Patents A Canadian compendium of law and practise
George Francis Takach
Juriliber Publishing
ISBN 0-919 311-10-5

For a Canadian perspective on patent law...This was the first recommended text I picked up and devoured on my entry into searching.
Contributed by Todd F. Mayson, InfoTree Inc.

Books: 1992

Guide to Official Industrial Property Publications
3rd. edition
Stephen van Dulken (ed.)
London : British Library Board,
ISBN 0-7123-0792-5.

An excellent compilation for major countries showing publication sequences and documentation.
Contributed by Stephen Adams

Introduction to Patents Information, 2nd. edition.
Stephen van Dulken (ed.)
London : British Library Board
ISBN 0-7123-0790-7

Contributed by Stephen Adams, Zeneca Agrochemicals

Edlyn S. Simmons.
pp. 51-127 in Manual of Online Search Strategies, 2nd Edition
C.J. Armstrong and J. A. Large, (eds)
Ashgate, Aldershot, U.K.

Contributed by Edlyn Simmons

Books: 1991

Chemical Information Sources
Gary Wiggins
McGraw Hill Inc.
ISBN 0-07-909939-4

Contributed by Madeline Douglass

Online patents, trade marks and service marks databases, 4th. edition
Jim Sibley (ed.)
London : Aslib,

Contributed by Stephen Adams

Patent Information from Chemical Abstracts Service - coverage and content
Columbus, OH : ACS,

Good review of selection and indexing policy.
Contributed by Stephen Adams

Understanding Chemical Patents
John Maynard and Howard Peters,
2nd Ed.(American Chemical Society),

I looked at the bibliography section, and I was alarmed to see that it includes the 1978 edition of John Maynard's book. It's been updated...
Contributed by Edlyn Simmons

Books: 1990

Intellectual Property Rights in Science, Technology, and Economic Performance: International Comparisons
Rushing, F. W. and C. G. Brown (eds.)
Boulder: Westview Press.

A reasonably balanced look at the role of IPRs in national economic performance. Brown is at NSF; she's not an economist.
Contributed by Jon Putnam

Strengthening Protection of Intellectual Property in Developing Countries: A Survey of the Literature
Siebeck, W. (ed.), with R. Evenson, W. Lesser, and C. A. Primo Braga.
World Bank Discussion Paper #112.

A survey of economic literature incorporating some views that are more sympathetic to the position of the developing world.
Contributed by Jon Putnam

Books: Pre-1990

Patent Law for the Nonlawyer: A Guide for The Engineer, Technologist, and Manager
Burton A. Amernick
Van Nostrand Reinhold Company, New York
ISBN 0-442-20788-3

One book that we have used a lot...
Contributed by Sandy Smith

R&D, Patents and Productivity
Griliches, Z. (ed.)
Chicago: University of Chicago Press.

A classic collection of the use of patents to estimate returns to research and the contribution of R&D to productivity.
Contributed by Jon Putnam

Worterbuch der Patentpraxis Dictionary of patent practice
3rd. edition
J-D. von Uexkull ; H.J. Reich (eds.)
Koln : Carl Heymanns Verlag KG,
ISBN 3-452-19322-5

You may ... need one or more language dictionaries covering technical vocabulary ; I don't know of many specialising in the patent area, but Worterbuch der Patentpraxis is an acceptable German one
Contributed by Stephen Adams

Understanding Chemical Patents
A Guide for the Inventor
John T. Maynard
American Chemical Society
ISBN 0-8412-0347

Contributed by Madeline Douglass

Annual Reports in Medicinal Chemistry, v.22
Patents in Medicinal Chemistry p.330-352
P.W. Grubb

In addition to references others have mentioned, I have often referred back to a brief chapter published in Annual Reports in Medicinal Chemistry a while back entitled "Patents in Medicinal Chemistry" ( v22, authored by P.W. Grubb, p330-352.).
Granted, it may be out of date, but thats probably true of almost everything in this rapidly-changing field.
Contributed by Michael Rein, Alcon Labs.

Development and Use of Patent Classification Systems
U.S. Dept. of Commerce/Patent Office
January 1966
Library of Congress Catalog No. 65-62235

A good reference for the U.S. patent classification system. Although the title may lead you to believe that it is about systems in general, it only covers the U.S. system.
Contributed by Steve Reynolds

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