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PIUG 2015 Annual Conference Presentations – May 2015

PIUG Conference Plenary and Business Meeting presentation files are provided to PIUG members with permission of the presenters. Further distribution is limited to current PIUG members. PIUG is an organization of individuals and not companies, so sharing presentation files with colleagues who are not PIUG members is against PIUG policy. We welcome new members and renewals per the PIUG Membership Benefits page.

Abstracts, author biographies, and the full program are available on the Final Program page.

PIUG 2015 Annual Business Meeting presentation

Download the full PIUG 2015 Annual Conference Book just as printed and distributed at the conference.

Plenary Presentations

Monday, May 4, 2015

Welcome, Elliott Linder, PIUG Chair

Keynote Presentation: Patent Trolls – The Myth and Reality, Raymond P. Niro, Niro, Haller & Niro

Citational Relevance and Inter Partes Review, Matthew Beers, Ocean Tomo

Lessons and Pitfalls in Freedom to Operate Searching: Always Ask, "Can the Client Get Sued Over This?", Irene Zajac, Global Patent Solutions

Training for the TPS* Marathon (*Thorough Patent Search), Kristine Atkinson, A/A Patent Investigations

The Derwent Markush Database and the Journey to a Unified Solution for Generic Chemical Structure Searching on STN, Thomas Stengel, FIZ-Karlsruhe

A Case Study in Intellectual Property Landscape and Taxonomy Development, Kevin J. Hess, Consultant

Using Patent Analysis to Trace Knowledge and Inform Federal Funding: A Case Study of Additive Manufacturing, Vanessa I. Peña, IDA Science and Technology Policy Institute

Adding Value to Information with Creative, Customized Search Reports, David S. Saari, Science IP, CAS Search Service

Strategies for Creating a Technology Landscape, Diana Koppang, Neal, Gerber & Eisenberg

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Strategies & Tactics for Using Patents in Competitive Intelligence, Heather Simmons, University of Illinois

Keeping R&D Up to Date on Competitive IP Activity), Sara Peters and Susan Jacobson, General Mills (Permission was not received from the presenters to make the file available after the Conference.

Can I Buy, License, or Acquire It?, Jane List, Extract Information Ltd.

Valuation of IP from Cradle to Grave – Guidelines for Patent Search Professionals, Kartar Arora, Landon IP

How to Effectively Monitor Your Competition, Nathan Frederick, Cardinal IP

Current Developments in the Future Certification of Patent Information Professionals, Susanne Hantos, Davies Collison Cave

The Use of Patent Analytics for Informing Public Policy Decisions in Australia, Alica Daly, IP Australia

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Intellectual Property (IP) Analytics and "Product Adjacency" Assisted Strategic Invention Planning Towards Technology Solution Development, Quaisher Alam, Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC) (No presentation file is available.)

What's Behind China's Recent Patent Explosion?, Dilip P. Pandya, Qualcomm Incorporated

Lost in Translation – the Language Regime for Obtaining Patent Protection in Europe, Stephen Adams, Magister Ltd.

Different Hats – Divergences in Patent Information Perspectives Between Patent Attorneys and Examiners, Ross Heisey, IP Australia

Current Situation and Progress of the Patent Search Grand Prix (PSGp) in Japan, Izumi Tsuzuki, HIT Service Institute and and Sakae Nakamura, Asahi Kasei Corporation

How to Educate Distributed Audiences, Roland Feinäugle, European Patent Office

WIPO's Portal to Authoritative Patent Register Sources, Lutz Mailänder, World Intellectual Property Organization

Building Better Search Queries with the New STN Term Explorer, Brian Sweet, STN

LifeQuest: A Novel Keyword Search Application for Life Science IP Analysis, Richard Resnick, GenomeQuest

Enhancing Patent Family Display in BizInt Smart Charts in Patents, John Willmore, BizInt Solutions

"Meet the Trackers" and Learn More About the Updated PatBase™ Analytics and FTO Filtered View, Doug van der Zee, Minesoft

Tracing the Evolution of Innovation: How Predictive Analytics are being used within Cognitive Intelligence Research to Drive Business Decisions, Brian McGlynn and Jeffrey Cozzo,

Finding Correct Prior Art, Ron Kaminecki, Kaminecki IP

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