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WIPO: WIPO’s global patent database PATENTSCOPE: what’s new?

  • 24 May 2021
  • 10:15 AM - 11:15 AM
  • Virtual Conference
  • 47


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Patent families, NPL and Markush search now available in PATENTSCOPE

New in 2021 in PATENTSCOPE:

Patent family information for all documents. Patent family information allows to group the results so that the same invention appear only once to save time going through the results and translation efforts if the same document is available in different languages; free of charge Markush search available since April 2021 in PATENTSCOPE. Markush structures are commonly used in patent documents in order to protect whole classes of compounds with common properties.

Non-Patent Literature (NPL) has started to be made available in PATENTSCOPE so that all the search, translation and sort features of PATENTSCOPE can be applied to NPL as well. IPC codes are available for NPL through automatic allocation.

  • Over the years, the World Intellectual Property Organization ‘s global patent database PATENTSCOPE has been evolving from a database containing only published PCT applications to a database that contains now, on top of the published PCT applications, more than 60 collections shared by national and regional patent offices. 
  • Also over the years, the search functionalities and result analysis have been developed in order to include, to name a few, the chemical search, the possibility to search in many different languages, the sorting of the results according to different criteria and built-in house and trained on patent data translation tool. 
All the search features, analysis and translation tools in PATENTSCOPE are available free of charge.

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